Along the Way to F.S. Catanico Waterfalls

Actually it was planned to start this morning from the center of barangay F.S. Catanico to hike to the top of the Malasag hills, to cross them an to come out close to the PHIVOLCS station by the road to Sitio Malasag and Mapawa Park. The top images shows the bad conditions we encountered right at the beginning. The onetime dirt road had been badly damaged by landslides and wash-outs from tropical storm Sendong, typhoon Pablo and recently by LPA Agaton.

In the end I gave up and we decided to walk the newly build road to the F.S. Catanic waterfalls. We’re greeted with magnificent river and mountain views.



The road ist build as an farm-to-market road. Wide and good she is winding through the valley.


01-cdo-fscatanico-waterfalls-05Every there are still


some workers doing final touches to road and canals.

We passed them when they had a rest. For refreshing themselves they got some fresh coconuts.

Down by the river women were washing clothes. A very quiete and peaceful view amidst the city.


We arrived at the spot on the road, it’s anyway the end of the road, so it’s not to miss, where we had to go down to the Cugman river.

The place is maintained and a worker was just sweeping the stairs from fallen leaves. But there is no cartering at the F.S. Catanico Falls, everybody who wants to stay for swim and picknick has to bring own provitions.

There are showers and toilets to use and shades with tables for a small fee, if someone is around to collect it.


The place is so remote that even wild monkeys are coming back to this place. When you are lucky, you maybe will see some making noise up in the old trees.


Water can be chocolate colored when it is raining in the area of Mt. Kitanglad. There is the place where the Cugman river originates and spring is found. Otherwise there is nothing against a refreshing swim.

As usual in unknown places be cautious while swimming.