Potholes not becoming for the City

Did you recognize the place? Yes, this is J.R. Borja Street between the subdivision entrances to both sides Sta. Cecilia and the entrance to the old East-bound Jeepneyterminal in Barangay Gusa.

The first images shows the road condition from the east to the west and the second image from the west to the east.

Why I’m writing about this? There are maybe other places in the city like this. The reason is simple. I pass here every time when we go to the city. J.R. Borja St. gives us from the east easy access to Nazareht, the Cogon area and even Divisoria if one knows the way.

I remember the last day before election in 2010. Workers have been busy to cement the lanes going from the east to the city. What looks okay now, was in 2010 looking like the potholes filled area on the other side. The area what is totally destroyed by now, had in that year already the first big cracks, but it has not been fixed the last day before the election fight between Emano Neri and Clarex Uy.

Since then, the year 2010, this part of J.R. Borja has been decaying and nobody had in mind to fix it. Election 2013 came, nothing has happend.

I believe election 2016 will come and nothing has happend, only by then one can sink whole trucks in the potholes.

I thought J.R. Borja is one of the important throughfares of the city. I think, this gives the wrong impression of the city of Cagayan de Oro.

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11-potholes-at-jrborja-street-08 11-potholes-at-jrborja-street-featured