Fight against Rabies in the City


One of the puppies of our last litter had been given to the family of my wife’s son to become their latest member of the family. The kids played with the dog and every one was happy. Unfortunately by one of the plays, the little needle sharp teeth of the puppy draw blood. The puppy is not yet vaccinated for rabies.

That’s why we had to see the staff of the Health Center in our Barangay. That the color of our little Multicab and the color of the building are the same is pure coincidence, but it startled me a little bit.
02-leben-verwaltung-01Good thing in the barangay is, people now each other here. When we went inside, after a “Maayon buntag” big Hello here and there and a lot of small talk followed.

Our little apo “Fritzie” could answer the questions for her registration and the medical report by herself.

02-leben-verwaltung-02 02-leben-verwaltung-03


After that we had to proceed to the next floor. Another “helloes” and “good mornings” and some talks. Some more questions, filling out of some papers for a transfer to the main office of the City Health Center in town.

Finally Fritzie got her first shot and she managed it brave.

02-leben-verwaltung-04 02-leben-verwaltung-05After that it was time to go to the city and see the doctor at the City Health Center at the “Animal Bites” Section.

Friendly staff at the information handed us a number and told us to proceed to Room no. 8 and wait to be called in batches. Our batch number showed a 9 and number 7 was in progress.

03-leben-verwaltung-11 03-leben-verwaltung-12To be honest, I didn’t expect so many people to see who had been bitten by an animal in just one day.

Another registration process and we were given a prescription for some medication to buy later on.

03-leben-verwaltung-14 03-leben-verwaltung-15When I asked how many patients with animal bites he threatening every day, except on wednesdays, because it’s closed, Reagan Abbu, of the  City Health staff replied: “Average threated patients are around 130 a day but sometimes it can even reach 200 or more.”

The city is shouldering the most of the costs. Patients have only to buy the one-use-only syringes and the medicin on the prescription, usually an antibiotic for 40 – 50 Pesos over the drugstore counter.

I haven’t known that before us one of the reporters of the lokal newspaper SUNSTAR has been here.

For more information about the treatment of rabies in the city of Cagayan de Oro read here: