Visiting grandparents in the country

We go from Cagayan de Oro City to Kinawe, a barangay of our neighbor town Libona in Bukidnon. We pass the barangay of Indahag, pass the boundery between CDO and the province of Bukidnon with that stretch of about 50 meters nobody claims and want to be responsible to cement or asphalt it. On the Bukidnon side a newly concreted zick-zack road up the hills to Gango and to Pualas. We proceed after Gango to Kinawe. Most of the road ist cemented now.

We arrive at the house of the grandparents of Juan. Juan is the boyfriend of our granddaughter Chaty. We come to pick-up some piglets and at the same time Juan is introducing his girlfriend to the family.


The grandparents live in a nice house. We will sit outside at the veranda. Juan is helping to serve coffee.

In my own opinion and observance, I recognize a more modern living style not only in the house of the grandparents of Juan, but also the other houses surounding the place. Everything is neat and tidy. Most of the fields are cared for.


Grandma is 73, and Grandpa is already 84. He is still working his 3 hektar farm alone.
Uncle of Juan wants to gift us with some fruits and went to the fields to pick some Marang.

Juan and me follow him.

09-bei-den-bauern-in-kinawe-bukidnon-philippinen-05 09-bei-den-bauern-in-kinawe-bukidnon-philippinen-06 09-bei-den-bauern-in-kinawe-bukidnon-philippinen-07Juan calls out to his uncle. We can’t see him but we can hear him. There are some citrus trees, Pomelo trees full with not ripe fruits yet, hanging like plenty green balloons in that trees. Beside these trees are the Marang trees and here we find the uncle high up in the tree.

He has disturbed the wild bees in the neighbor tree and got some stings in his face.

09-bei-den-bauern-in-kinawe-bukidnon-philippinen-09 09-bei-den-bauern-in-kinawe-bukidnon-philippinen-10 09-bei-den-bauern-in-kinawe-bukidnon-philippinen-11That’s what I mean by well tended fields. The airs was heavy laden with humidity, not easy to breath, and full of smells. The smell of the wet soil from the rain last night mixing with the smells of trees and plants. Mother nature is breathing. Birds are singing jubilant how happy they are in the sunshine.

What a beautiful sunday morning. It’s hard to leave.