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COWD ridicules itself

The Cagayan de oro City Water District is mailing to formerly customers  FIRST DEMAND LETTER FOR PAYMENT OF OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS from about 11 years ago.

Registered letters with incorrect addresses has been delivered to an eatery in Malasag, Brgy. Cugman on Nov. 16, 2015, stamped REGISTERED by the CDO Post Office on Nov. 05, 2015.

Concerned parties can pick up there letters there or just leave them there.

The envelopes contain letters dated February 26, 2015 with a demand of payment for disconnected accounts from the year 2004.

By non-payment  after 10 days it will be considered for appropriate legal action.

Somehow the letter managed already to have been signed as received inside the envelope.

It’s getting more and more curious by the hour.

Sorry, but I have been rolling on the floor laughing loudly.

  To let the reader know what this is all about the following story:

Many years ago, the Water District tapped the water of a spring in Malasag. Near the very large and old Balate tree, beside the road to Mapawa Park, formerly Pelaez Farm. Beside the Balate tree a path leads down to the spring. The spring has been concreted and the water comes out a pipe. This old pipes goes down all the way to Gusa. Many years ago the Water District abandoned these pipes and didn’t use the waterresource anymore.

People in Malasag and some other zones in Cugman had to tap for their water the old pipes all by themselves. They bought kilometers of water pipes and still this is the way how thousands of people get their daily water in Malasag and Upper Cugman. Why? Because the Cagayan deo Oro Water District is not able to deliver safe water to this place of the city.

But, they got in 2003/2004 an idea how to make money. They went up to Malasag and Upper Cugman to accuse the people of stealing the water from them. They pressed people to shell out tens of thousands of Pesos and forced their water meters onto the people.

Many agreed and paid up and so came for a couple of month a water meter reader and the bills for UNTREATED WATER connected to old, rosty, dilapidated, and abondend pipes billed the same price as for treated water elsewhere. Than, for months, no on came anymore to read the meters, no mor bills came. One day some utility workers came and dismanteled the water meters and brought them with them.

Now, after 11 years they have the gall to claim unpaid bills and threathening with legal action in case of non-payment.

Calling concerned citizens.